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 About The Cyber psychologist

Cyberpsychologist is service that provides psychological support online, education and project implementation. Our mission is making professional support accessible, affordable and convenient – so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere.

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Lead psychologist

I am an educational psychologist recognized by the Irish Department of Health and a member of a Psychological Society of Ireland. I have experience in providing psychological and social support to children and adults.
I offer clients an opportunity to talk through their experiences, emotions, behaviors and thoughts; and to find ways of acting and thinking that are more rewarding and satisfying. I aim to facilitate this process by listening and feeding back to clients what they are saying; and through inviting clients to talk about – and stay focused on – the issues that are key to them. Through talking about their feelings and experiences – particularly ones that they may feel bad about – and through challenging negative ways of seeing themselves, clients can also come to feel better about who they are.

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